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Academic System for Archiving Papers (ASAP) is a modern, electronic archive of dissertations integrated with Internet Antiplagiarism System by It can be also connected to local LMS.

Academic System for Archiving Papers

guarantees fulfillment of the obligations imposed on universities by the amendment of the Law on Higher Education established 1st October 2014.

Benefits from the implementation of the application:

safe electronic archive for documents and its presentation defined by the University

modern, integrated menagement of workflow process

automatic exchange of data between the application and LMS

easier communication between students, coordinators and offices

simplified flow of electronic documents

online documentation

reduction of the workload of administrative staff

better quality of student service

Thanks to the integration between ASAP and local LMS, access to the aplication is easy and does not require additional login or register.

ASAP was integrated with several popular products:

  • e-HMS (Kalasoft),
  • Proakademia (APR System),
  • e-Dziekanat (iNetProject),
  • eOrdo (UNOLD Comp.).


Workflow in extended package:



Workflow in basic package:


ASAP Packages

Functionalities / Package BASIC STANDARD EXTENDED
Antiplagiarism System and Similarity Report
Antiplagiarism procedures
Digital archives for dissertations/thesis
Integration with ORPD (one click to send)
Options and archive resources management
Integration with local LMS Optional Optional Optional
User types Administrator
Teachers - Optional
Students - Optional
Electronic workflow Protocols, reviews, statements -
Additional documents on demand -
Three random pages verification - Optional Optional
Documents editor - Optional Optional
Payments for additional verifications - - Optional
Changes on demand (according to pricelist) - Optional Optional