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Internet Antiplagiarism System by, Academic System for Archiving Papers, The Certification Programme.

Internet Antiplagiarism System is the only widely used antiplagiarism system in Poland.

  • over 220 Polish Higher Education Instutiutions use it
  • over 3 000 000 documents verified
  • over 400 000 theses stored in the database
  • the only antiplagiarism software which compares uploaded documents with the Polish Legal Acts Database

Subscription of the System is dedicated for institutions that are interested in submitting considerable amounts of texts for verification in particular for academic institutions. The System has been designed for easy adaptation to the structure of an individual university.

Access to the System via subscription has the following advantages:

The possibility of creating many accounts for submitting texts for analysis (e.g. for each member of staff at a faculty)

The possibility of protecting the originality of previously verified works. Each analysed paper is compared with previously submitted papers stored in the University Database. The System will signal cases in which fragments of previously verified documents placed in the database are used in a new paper submitted for verification

Possibility of joining the Inter-University Databases Exchange Programme

Flexible conditions concerning the size of documents to be checked

Unlimited number of documents checked per day

Support with implementation of the system

User help-desk

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Internet Antiplagiarism System

Enables fulfilling the new legal Polish requirenments in the aspect of obligatory originality verification of all theses with antiplagiarism software

Guarantees checking the text against the largest database:
  • Internet resources
  • over 400.000 theses from 2003-2015
  • Legal Acts Database
  •’s scientific documents database

Results of the antiplagiarism verification is presented in the form of Similarity Report allowing assessment of originality, with:
  • Similarity Coefficients, presented as a percentage value
  • List of sources of borrowings
  • Visible marking of the fragments recognized as borrowed offers not only the access to the software, but also support in the implementiation of antiplagiarism procedures and Certification Programme Uberrima Fide.