How to check a document?

  • Fill in the form to register
  • Log in
  • Upload the file
  • See how the system calculated the cost of checking based on text volume
  • Pay by buying Tokens - you can choose from several options of payment
  • Within 24h from receiving the payment, the Similarity Report will be available on your user account

The cost of checking a document depends on its volume. One Token allows a user to check a document that is no larger than 20,000 characters. For every further 20,000 characters the user must purchase a new Token.

The price of one Token is 2,09 EUR incl. VAT or 2,35 USD incl. VAT.

The cost of a Token purchased via SMS code is: 11,07 PLN. (This amount is given in the Polish currency as it is only available through a Polish mobile operator).