Why choose us?

Internet Antiplagiarism System Plagiat.pl offers:

  • The biggest referential database
  • Scanning the resources of the Polish and world Internet
  • Multilanguage analysis
  • Detection of similarities with advanced algorythms based on N-gram analysis
  • Advanced language analysis, including normalisation and flexion analysing
  • Inter-Universities Database Exchange Programme
  • Legal Acts Database
  • Alert function to mark attempts of distorting of the antiplagiarism analysys
  • Constant development of the searching algorythm
  • Detailed Similarity Report with list of sources of borrowings


We have been providing Polish universities with the Intertnet Antiplagiarism System for over 10 years. We also cooperate with press-publishers, scientific publishers and institutions dealing with quality of education in Poland.  

Quality and development

We deliver a reliable, stable and safe System. In respose to the attempts of cheating the System, we constantlyimprove the algorythms.


We closely cooperate with Universities in the process of integration with Learning Management Systems. We ensure that compliance with procedures is maintained. We consider individual needs of a particular University, we offer trainings for academic and administrative staff.