We have a propitious year behind us

Modification of the antiplagiarism system
8 grudnia 2017
Plagiat.pl extends cooperation with a Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine
26 stycznia 2018

We have a propitious year behind us

2017 was successful for Plagiat.pl’s team. Within a year few important meetings with Ministers and Vice-Ministers of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan took place. Cooperation and extension of successful experience of Polish universities were discussed, underlined the importance to deepen academic cooperation and combat against academic plagiarism.

Ukrainian Vice-Minister Mr Kovtunets expressed importance in cooperation within few areas such as building central scientific repository and implementation of sustainable regulations towards prevention of academic plagiarism in HEIs. More than 30 universities became our partners in Ukraine in 2017.

Georgian Ministry of Education and Science greeted our efforts towards the adoption of Georgian alphabet in plagiarism prevention system, from now on, is the unique system that has Georgian interface.

Since 2015 Azerbaijan showed excellent changes in academic honesty and integrity that were highly valued by Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan and all academic community. Currently, most of the universities in Azerbaijan use plagiarism detection systems integrated into a Plagiat.pl’s database network.

Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan first in Central Asia has implemented new regulations to strengthen academic integrity and stimulate universities to apply to academic process new information technologies such as LMS and plagiarism detection systems. From now on all scientific and students papers compulsory shall be verified on plagiarism. Since 2016 all leading universities in Kazakhstan successfully use , KNU n.a. Satpayev has first implemented the integration of Ldap catalogue.

Vice-Minister of Education and science of Kyrgyzstan emphasized the importance in gaining of experience of Polish universities in a sphere of plagiarism prevention to force further integration of country with European academic institutions. Since the beginning of 2017,  3 leading universities are using our system in Kyrgyzstan.