1 grudnia 2017

Plagiat.pl is acitvely operating in Ukraine

Plagiat.pl’s team had in recent months several meetings on the possibilities of combating plagiarism in Ukraine. Among our interlocutors were representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education […]
13 listopada 2017

Plagiat.pl is interested in Kyrgyzstan

The representatives of Strike Plagiarism team, which is the international brand of Plagiat.pl, visited the Kyrgyz Republic. As a part of the business trip to Bishkek, […]
3 listopada 2017

The representatives of Romanian office were invited to an international conference

Our colleague, Cristina Costiniuc, Product Manager at the Romanian office, was invited to speak at the 5th edition of the Romanian International Conference for Research and […]
9 września 2017

StrikePlagiarism.com on the 3rd International Conference „Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond”

Strikeplagiarism.com was honored to become a sponsor of the The Third International Conference „Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond”. One of the most prominent event in the […]