29 stycznia 2018

Azerbaijan begins the fight against plagiarism in the education system

We encourage you to read the interview, which Ali Tahmazov, the Executive Director for International Market, gave the Azerbaijani newspaper .     Tell us a […]
26 stycznia 2018

Plagiat.pl extends cooperation with a Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine

Plagiat.pl’s team had successful results of the meeting held in Ukraine with Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Mrs Lilia Grinevich on 15th of January […]
11 stycznia 2018

We have a propitious year behind us

2017 was successful for Plagiat.pl’s team. Within a year few important meetings with Ministers and Vice-Ministers of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, […]
8 grudnia 2017

Modification of the antiplagiarism system

On Monday, December 11, the appearance of login page of the Strike Plagiarism system will be modified. Prepared modification is the first step in the complete […]