Georgian universities are starting to use’s antiplagiarism system

Azerbaijan begins the fight against plagiarism in the education system
29 stycznia 2018 has signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
6 marca 2018

Georgian universities are starting to use’s antiplagiarism system’s team paid a visit to Georgia and Azerbaijan to accomplish the process of technical start of cooperation with biggest Georgian university – Georgian Technical University and Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy.

Finally, contracts were signed by both sides and presentation of new procedures introduced to the academic community of both universities. These are first two partners of in Georgia and we hope our experience in a combat with academic plagiarism, as well as further interest in deeper of integration with academic community of EU, will only accelerate within next years. Georgian Technical University and Azerbaijan State University of Economics expressed also their eagerness to start ASAP (a new wider functionality plagiarism detection system) first in Caucasus!

We had also meetings with representatives of Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and Azerbaijan. The discussions focused on topics like a verification of Ph.D. dissertations, school and universities books and manuals, school papers, unified procedures and regulations. Ministries of Education and Sciences of both countries expressed their interest in our technologies and willingness to move forward.