Offer for Colleges and High Schools's mission is to provide solutions to improve the quality of education and intellectual property protection.

The subscription version of the offer is designed for colleges and high schools, which regularly check a lot of documents. The package includes checking a fixed number of documents or pool of characters to use in a specified time.

Our advantages:

  • Effective antiplagiarism procedure
  • Unlimited amounts of accounts for teachers and students
  • The largest database of texts
  • Support during the implementation and configuration process
  • Professional customer service

Our databases:

  • Internet resources
  • database - over half a million theses
  • Legal Acts Database
  • RefBooks Database - original databases of 1mln texts
  • Inter-School Program of Databases Exchange


The AKAMBIKO system is a web application integrating ministerial systems dedicated to higher education. It aims at improving the work efficiency of deanery employees and diploma thesis promoters. It is a response to the requirements of the Act - Law on Higher Education and Science on the obligation to examine theses in the Uniform Antiplagiarism System - JSA (Art. 76(2)) and sending defended theses to Polish National Repository of Written Theses- ORPPD (Art. 347(4)). Thanks to its integration AKAMBIKO enables one account user to operate in several systems, thereby reducing both the time spent by employees on the implementation of statutory requirements and the related costs incurred by the higher education institution.

Implementation of the requirements of the Act Law on Higher Education and Science in 4 easy steps:

  • synchronization of data from POLON
  • sending the thesis to Uniform Antiplagiarism System
  • evaluation of the analysis results
  • sending the thesis to ORPPD

Antiplagiarism System

The Antiplagiarism System is an essential tool for the verification of unauthorized borrowings. The system compares multi-word phrases through databases. It detects any changes in the content of documents. It can easily detect letters from other alphabets or whitespace. The System is integrated with Editorial System, APD (USOS), Uczelnia XP (Partners in Progress), OPTIcamp (OPTeam), and other systems used in schools.

Similarity Report

The Similarity report is the result of the verification of the Antiplagiat Sistem. It contains a list of the borrowed fragments indicated in percentage ratios. It allows easy analysis of the originality of theses.


Academic Thesis Archiving System (ASAP) is a modern, electronic archive of theses, integrated with the Antiplagiarism System and other electronic systems operating at the university. In addition to the basic functions of checking documents, ASAP has a platform on which communication can be based with the students and teachers during the preparation of the thesis.

Advantages of ASAP:

  • Integrated with ORPPD
  • Secure electronic archive of students' theses
  • Modern, integrated management of the diploma process and simplified workflow
  • Automatic data exchange between the application and integrated lms system
  • Reducing the burden on administrative staff

Antiplagiarism System for Schools

The Antiplagiarism System for Schools is a subscription product designed for secondary schools. The system is based on the Antiplagiarism System engine. The product is designed to check student’s written homework. The purpose of the system is to provide the teacher the data to determine whether homework (essay, paper, presentation) was written independently.

The result of the analysis is the Similarity Report, which is clear and easy to interpret. It determines what percentage of students' homework is identical with texts from searched databases. It contains percentage indicators showing the scale of plagiarism and also a list of borrowed fragments found in databases.