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The possibility of individual antiplagiarism check is available for anyone, who needs a simple and fast way to analyze one or more documents. The whole process closes in a few simple steps.


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The price depends on the number of characters in the text. uses the internet currency called Tokens (T). 1 Token allows you to check a text of up to 20 thousand characters. The system automatically calculates how many Tokens are needed to check the document.

The price of 1T depends on the chosen payment method. 1T purchase price by bank transfer or credit card is 7.32 zł net (9.00 zł gross). The cost of buying 1T using an SMS code is 9 zł net (11.07 zł gross).

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The result of antiplagiarism checking is the Similarity Report. It contains percentage indicators showing the scale of plagiarism and also a list of borrowed fragments found in databases. It enables an easy analysis of the originality of the work.

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