clients in the world is the market leader of software to support verification of text authenticity in Poland and Romania. solutions are used by over 300 universities in eleven countries on three continents.


Prof. dr hab. Teresa Gardocka, Head of the Department of Law

School of Social Psychology

1. not only provides technology to help identify unauthorized borrowings in theses, but also the necessary knowledge of the procedures, the fulfillment of which is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the copyright protection.

Prof. dr hab. Anna Karmańska, Vice-Rector of teaching and students

School of Economics

We proceed from the belief in the legitimacy of the use of instruments whose preventive functions well serve the academic community. Bearing in mind the long-term and good cooperation with, I recommend the Antiplagiarism System to all the universities, for whom honesty and integrity is paramount.

Prof. dr hab. Piotr Dominiak, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics

Gdansk University of Technology

3. We are satisfied with the level of service that provides us. The company responds almost immediately to our needs. supports us in all copyright protection activities and appreciates our efforts in the fight against plagiarismi.

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